2011 selling handbags miumiu handbags classic bow package packages package PU leather handbag diagonal

Hot new restaurant2011 Hot Golden diagonal bow handbag hand bag ; ; ; CD details,coach outlet touching the heart of the luxury real taste of every detail from insisting that the real glory comes from every customer really sure these bags are kind of shooting Welcome to buy 100% in-kind shooting ; ; ; ; above model diagram for reference workmanship quality assurance [brand] : other brands ¡¾Material¡¿: high-end special PU leather + fabric + high-level hardware-specific cotton lining – Size: Length 39cm * High 33cm * Width 16cm * 13cm * mention the high-diagonal band 150cm (adjustable) [ pocket]: zipper closure [capacity: the capacity (Can put A4 paper) A4 and Ruili can be placed Uses: Mobile Messenger bag with multi-function package [2 parts]: tag complete accessories [packaging] : dust bag + plastic bag packaging Colour: Beige (shown) [Evaluation]: the same section of the bag with high quality cost-effective, practical bags, personalized bags popular selling utility! ! recommended! Recommended! ! ! ¡¾Model¡¿: 8222 ¡¾Weight¡¿: 0. 75KG ********* ********** Our gift tilapia supply of goods provided directly by the manufacturer, saving intermediate wholesalers, distributors and sellers of profits, as well as store rent and taxes, the price has dropped to a minimum, please do not bargain! another country are invited to the store wholesale, welcome to order ! Bags are, in kind, quality assurance. Can be returned within 7 days. Note: (If you do not receive a quality bag, and return postage to be returned must be borne by you) Our payment and delivery of transactions to follow the principles of: Recommended use Alipay to secure payment, full protection of your interests . Also supports online banking, credit cards and direct hit models. About color: shop all the pictures are taken in kind, WYSIWYG, or more beautiful than the pictures, please rest assured to buy! Because the display, camera light, the problem can not be 100% guaranteed not to chromatic aberration. Perhaps this is the greatest disadvantage of online shopping, ^ – ^ but by so many buyers can get the same evaluation: Our stuff almost no color difference Oh! ^ – ^ Our goods are sold each quality assurance In the time of shipment, our personnel will check each product strictly to ensure that not the wrong pieces, not pieces of hair problems. Shipment inspection process, but not in case of quality problems replenishment of the bag, we will withhold delivery, communicate with customers after the first, and then shipped, or exchange the color, style; receive the parcel, please customers and friends carefully Check the packaging of parcels, the parcel is found and packaging of goods damaged, please refuse the spot in front of the courier, and call us immediately! About Express: Shop and tact in the wind through the application through long-term delivery, unless otherwise specified, the default hair shop in tact through courier, sent for other courier, please contact customer service shows the actual rates charged by , before making inquiries, please tact to reach your place is, check website: http://www. yto. net. cn/, such as the Post can not be reached, select E-mail Bao (up to anywhere in the country) or other courier . ¡ô Guangzhou City Express ——– 6 $, the (continued weight plus 1 $) ¡ô City, Guangdong Province, other courier ——– 8 $ from. (Emphasis added plus 1 $) ¡ô Jiangsu, Zhejiang Express ——- 8 $ from. (emphasis added plus 4 $) ¡ô other regions express ——- 10 $ from (added weight plus 8 $) ¡ô Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Gansu Inner Mongolia Express – 13 $ up (Continued heavy plus 10 $) ¡ô Tibet, Qinghai Express ——- 20 $ from (added weight plus 13 $) ¡ô STO: Guangdong first weight 10 $, rest of the first weight $ 12-15, Qinghai, Tibet, 20 $ ¡ô SF Express: $ 12 Guangdong’s first heavy, heavy rest of the first $ 20. (SF promise of next day) ¡ô EMS Express —— 25 $, the (over 1 kg per Guangdong added weight plus 8 $, in other provinces plus 12 $) ¡ô International EMS Express ——- – Please contact the owner in advance and ¡ô (E-mail Po) Express —– 16 $ (per kg added weight of Guangdong province plus 5 $. $ 10 plus the country in other provinces can be reached) ¡ô China Post surface —- — is not recommended to use super slow, shop disabled! related products [collection] [collection of the goods in the shop] ; promotional price of $ 78 $ selling handbags 2010 new star Fan Bingbing fashion handbags with hand-held models 4122 black shoulder bag promotional price of $ 99 ; $ selling handbags 2010 new star of the same models in Europe and America portable shoulder bag handbags Lingge black promotional price of $ 88 637 $ 2010 new bag Miu Miu special berserk/miumiu Greens diagonal shoulder female white promotional package price $ 282 $ 99 2010 models selling Gucci handbags 211, 943 light apricot brown Gucci shoulder bag hand-held real shot promotional price of $ 108 $ 2010 selling Gucci bags/Gucci handbags new handbag 193603 free apricot with brown I have in here! 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[Red] new IBM X40T X41T crown rotate screen laptop battery

The new IBM laptop battery.laptop batteries [Product Description] Color Black ; Battery Type Li-ion Output Voltage 14. 4V Capacity 1800MAh ; Warranty: three-month replacement Compatible Models: IBM: X40T X41T Series ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï There are more brand original laptop battery, power adapter, you need to consult. ¡ï all kinds of brand laptop battery maintenance. Power . * Payment * 1) We all goods received Alipay transaction! 2) payment and delivery: to accept ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, the traffic can come from the city to mention! * Reading * [1] buyer buyers successfully purchase products, which indicates acceptance of these terms, not the recipient please do not buy! For damages by the buyer! [2] We sold the original for the new laptop battery factory original battery, the origin, production date, or a different capacity, and your wife does not guarantee that exactly the same, but the original battery is guaranteed to be original. [3] battery for three months limited warranty, the restaurant does not accept any reason of the assessment or negative feedback. If you receive a product quality problems or unsatisfactory, please contact with our personnel, we will make security-related services provided for you! For the problem does not communicate directly to the negative feedback or those who shop in the assessment will complaint handling negative feedback to do, cancel the three-month limited warranty service! [4] post office delivery, courier receipt buyers on the spot out of the box check the quantity, type, whether from transport damage! The above conditions, please do not sign or post office staff, delivery clerk to testify in a timely manner and contact us so we can handle! Or at your peril! [5] a new original battery shipped quickly, please contact before buying whether the goods, captured within 24 hours for non-payment, the right shop sold separately * Description * Shanghai Municipality All postage is $ 6 (Express) ( 1 kg or less) the next day arrives, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, all of 6 $ (Express) (1 kg or less) the next day to reach other cities in all of $ 12-15 (delivery) (1 kg or less) 2-3 days to reach EMS 20 $ ( 500 grams) China Post [service] owner solemn commitment: Our products if quality problems, seven days or return, three-month limited warranty, the buyer and the seller to bear their own shipping! Please do not for a few $ to spare me the trouble of shipping. [Contact Us] pick-up Address: No. 111, Shanghai, Shanghai Baoshan City, 1F-68 number of audio and video

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"Matilda Watch" CASIO Casio Men's Watch the latest fashion steel pointer EF-547D-1A1V

CASIO Casio Men’s Watch the latest fashion steel pointer EF-547D-1A1V with F1 Red Bull Racing team to become partners CASIO EDIFICE,swiss replica iwc watches launched with the pointer speed stopwatch and count the EF-546 device with the EF-547 Series , waterproof 100 meters with stainless steel strap and case, two simple design with a small date display of three configurations, with the bezel ion IP processing, show a sense of speed the car simple and elegant design of the watch. EF-547D-1A1VDF release time: 2009. 12 Products. Case: solid stainless steel. Band: solid stainless steel. Solid stainless steel pressing the metal clasp. Strengthen the crystal is not easy to crack the glass. Ion bezel IP processing. Stopwatch (unit: 1 second) measurement limit: 11:59 ’59 Measuring mode: elapsed time. Date display. Time function pointer: three-pin display (hour, minute, stopwatch second hand) three times the design: chronograph hand, stopwatch hour and minute hands). Accuracy: ¡À 20 seconds per month. Estimated battery life: 2 years (using SR927W). 100M water (ie, 10 atmospheric pressure). Table frame size: the width of 4. 2cm-free crown. Mirror dimensions: diameter 3. 6cm. Thickness of 1. 12 cm. Weight: 162g Product Specifications Description if error, please subject to the original data=========================================Tips: ¡ô shop sold all goods guaranteed 100% genuine original authentic, you can get our goods to the store and then confirm the identification of all goods sold payment ¡ô We support Paypal, real price of goods clean, honest transaction! ¡ô strongly recommended that you sign, be sure to face in front of courier company personnel opened the package and acceptance of goods, thank you! ¡ô watch the valuables is a special commodity, according to consumer protection laws and regulations agreement, clocks and watches in the sale of non-quality problems rebate does not change! You should verify the goods as soon as possible after receipt and inspection before you, please do not wear!

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§Ò EF-503D-1AV/EF-503D-1A

Beijing,swiss replica iwc watches Wuhan, Dalian Shopping mall full Casio counters include: Genuine + brand new store counter counter original invoices (machine-printed invoices or invoices clip stores, check the IRS website) + + Casio dealer stamped warranty card dedicated bag + Genius service. CASIO Casio Men’s fashion will watch EF-503D-1A/2A/7A counter pointer Series Price: $ 1090. 00 $ main selling point: three six pointer dial display. Streamlined design sets the fashion, sports, energy in one. All stainless steel case and bracelet. Small dials include: stopwatch, stopwatch scores, stopwatch hours. Function: fear of the sword just hazy automatic calendar; stopwatch timer length: 11 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 100 meters waterproof 12/24 hour display; Origin: Japan movement assembled in China Material: Stainless steel bracelet Case size (length * diameter * thickness/weight): 46. 5 ¡Á 41. 4 ¡Á 11. 8mm/135g Waterproof: 10BAR stopwatch: 12 hours calculated date display Mineral glass Stainless steel rotary triple strap back cover battery life: All Casio watches shop for two years after you buy We recommend that you compare to the counter to eleven, from packaging to after-sales service parts to the invoice to the inspection station open movement, support any form of inspection, to determine your own genuine hundred percent after the new payment. Although half of the amount of the price, but definitely the quality and service counters, spend the least money, you can have a real Genius of Casio watches famous towering in [1] About true and false: Our sales Casio/CASIO watches are Shopping malls in big cities since the counter, to ensure that new original genuine licensed products, packaging and accessories to go with your own store counter to buy exactly the same, and enjoy the Casio’s Genius service. 2 on the price: Our price of goods sold are sold at the lowest price can be accepted bargaining! Parallel because there is no import taxes through normal channels, so the price cheaper than the mainstream, but not entitled to any of the original sale, some unscrupulous businessmen for profits is selling refurbished watch, if you buy such a watch lead to disastrous consequences. There is no doubt the quality of licensed watches, and can enjoy the Casio sale Genius 1 year, lifetime maintenance costs. Online shopping is fast-paced shopping, so the price will adjust based on market movements do, so your purchase price with the price of future sales of the seller has no direct relationship between the seller and then when the right to adjust prices without notice customers have already purchased, and all compensation. 3 of Warranty: Casio watch from the date of purchase provided, one year warranty. Warranty is limited to table movement, does not include table glass, case, strap, Pakistan heads and other exterior parts. Genius and distributors need to store original invoices stamped warranty card issued by the same time, we are purchasing a watch with a complete regular warranty, please rest assured purchase. If your local after-sales service department is not Casio, you can return the shop we can help you take the maintenance department repaired and then return to you one year free warranty period our expense, take your return shipping more than one year, maintenance free. 4 on the receipt: pro, please check when the courier before the appearance of a good product, carefully check there are no scratches, the dial color is the color of their needs, the dial is whether there is dust inside the eye can see at 30 cm within the belong to the appearance of the problem, the appearance of any questions, please contact us before when the courier returned to the spot 13, 629, 289, 988. If the case of bricks hit the watch seller Ye Hao change in time to help you deal with, to avoid damage and unnecessary to bring you the trouble. (Run into a buyer of goods out of the ground do not care to cheat us and send them over there is the problem, such fraud has become a buyer, the seller the right to pursue in the end the alarm. ) 5. Goods returned: You photographed payments on behalf of your goods and buy goods for their color, size, style, are recognized. Watch the provisions of state law, in particular the special consumer goods, is a precision instrument, not a quality problem is not returned. Each product warranty card is only one, so you should consider a good to buy. (Proposed buyers to try them on store counters to determine the model number and then contact us to buy) 6 on the inspection: shop selling genuine goods are guaranteed authentic. Welcome buyers to verify that you purchased, Taobao shop is a store consumer protection, there is leave a compensable three signs, such as the purchase of goods for the fake, the seller to bear all costs of inspection, and return costs. Now, because the number of Internet sales has been affected too much store sales, so the counters and sales center is generally not to the inspection, the buyer’s inspection if necessary, can request help with the tone of people say that friends send of help to see if it is true. Or to pawn shops, online watch forums and other people to help verify the true and false. Our inspection welcome said, referring to the buyers of the commodity inspection welcome, not to say that manufacturers or sellers have to provide this inspection service. 7 Watch care: 30 meters waterproof watch is limited to general grooming and other daily rain water. Avoid watch in hot water bath, sauna or temperature changes very environment. Addition to the 100 m/200 m diving-type watches, please do not wear a watch swimming other water level – case, strap and head often need to clean and keep clean. You can use warm water, then wipe dry. (Does not apply leather products) – mechanical tolerances of ¡À 35 seconds per day, quartz ¡À 15 seconds per month – mechanical power source to rely on the wearer’s wrist to swing winding winding, such as long place do not wear watches or swing will cause lack of stop and go. Once again to wear the watch winders should be preceded, that clockwise rotation head 20 laps – two needle quartz tuning time table to be set aside in the fast for one minute, to compensate for movement within the gap between gears – please watch close to magnetic fields to avoid. Magnetic field may cause a temporary stop or go watch when not allowed. ¡¾¡¿ ¡ó VIP membership system where the restaurant once again the success of consumer spending can enjoy 9. 9% discount for life ¡ó total ordinary members can enjoy spending 2500 $ 9. 8 Senior Member discount ¡ó total lifetime spending 5000 $ to enjoy 9. 6% discount on lifetime VIP membership Note: The above discounts only watch shop products, clothing does not participate in VIP membership discount. Thank you for your support of towering Outlets, if our work has poor service, please forgive me, and put your valuable comments, we will be very serious improvement. Towering Famous – Professional Shopping mall counter genuine welcome you again!

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European and American street style minimalist shoulder bag large chains to mention the retro picture bag hand

Explain [Description]: the high cost of a bag pack Oh,juicy couture outlet absolutely the same price compared to the superior workmanship Texture [Material]: PU leather Size [Size]: Width 43cm. Height of 30cm. Thickness of 9cm. Color Color: black, brown [Model Size Model Size]: Height 1. 65 Weight 100g 95 Shoulder 37 Bust tried all codes in this paragraph. [Recommended] smoke gray jeans with a bag http://item. taobao. com/item. htmid=13510299164 http://item. taobao. com/item. htmid=12681857750 Lingge

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Korean version of the fall and winter clearance handbags handbags handbag bag shoulder bag tidal wave of female bag package

Hidden code,louis vuitton outlet online please enter a carriage return in this line hasty (ie, the Enter key)

Hidden code, please enter a carriage return in this line hasty (ie, Enter)

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100% brand new Fujitsu U101 U1010 U810 FMVNBP161 BP167 battery

Voltage: 7.laptop batteries 2V Capacity: 2200MAH Tel: 13798544035 Contact: Miss Xu QQ: 523625422 ; ; ; ; ; ; warranty/Returns: Did you receive merchandise shop within a week, such as any of our products can be satisfied with unconditional return policy, quality problems within three months free replacement of goods, but to be outside the scope of the following: 1. . Product one for the damage (physical damage. Label is damaged. Unauthorized removal, etc. ). 2. Accessories range. 3. Return is not because the quality of the battery, return logistics costs resulting from the buyer is responsible. Confirm receipt: personally sign off when you open the express view, check whether the items are in good condition, any questions, please rejected, we find the relevant logistics department is responsible for claims, if you sign up and then inform the damaged goods. Yu lost some of the goods, Because liability can not clearly distinguish between, and thus can not claim benefits this will bring your damage Tips: 1. Use a new battery for the first time, please be sure to power more than light, then the machine off charge 12 hours to fully activate the lithium-ion-induced up to maximum capacity, cycle three times. 2. The number in each cell Lithium-ion rechargeable 800 times or so, such as prolonged use of external power supply, remove the battery, which not only helps to reduce machine heat, adds to the durability of the battery, because every time the power is quite connected to one charge power, not with the battery in the case of repeated power plug, which is most likely to damage the cells move. 3. Battery power long periods of time, please pay attention to maintenance. Pay attention to environmental temperature and humidity, do not on a wet surface. To maintain ventilation, be sure to keep an electric battery every month or so to recharge a battery, electricity is best to keep a hundred about 50 per ; ; ; ; ; 4: battery time in notebooks, CPU processor speed, applications, screen brightness, external ports, and wireless devices and other factors related to battery life itself, so the actual battery life may be different with the same type battery. Do not consult how long the battery can be used, because there is no scientific objective measure, we can do New Original Battery is guaranteed 5: As determined by the physical characteristics of the battery, the battery itself is a consumable, it will be the number of batteries used, the user’s habits, the use of environmental temperature and other factors gradually reduce their use of time 6: Please have failed to properly handle old batteries! Do not be thrown away!

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Experience luxury $ counter genuine counter sale of thousands of dedicated men and jacket NRU2 shop around Europe AF

Hall costumes counter
Absolutely genuine.www.abercrombies-and-fitch.com Not the quality of imitation goods has changed dramatically with the single! 100% of the original single genuine counter, know what those invited, do not know what your pass! Thanks!
High-definition display provides full details of the plan focus on true and false identification fake sweep the whole network

Brand: AF Size: SML XL
Need a high international level, 100% fine cotton support

¡ñ Color:
¡ñ Status: Genuine ¡ñ 2011 new products Source: U. S. factory direct supplier AF counter

In view of the old times and the guests to do the problems because of a dispute – we will be deeply troubling – guests can bypass the old reading ~ ~ ~ new customers!
Customers often ask why the feeling of old clothes, why the old sense of why the color has faded collar, cuffs, hem frayed deal? What is washing the fabric once we like to wear the “new” clothes, has become popular abroad, wearing “old” and, of course, where the “new” and “Old “Does not refer to itself through the clothes. as the poor are like to wear bright decent, while the rich are on the contrary, as in China often see a suit of ordinary” workers “, focusing on casual, comfortable, nature of modern industrial development to a certain stage of the human mind’s natural return, finally appeared in the poor dress. “rich”, the rich costumes, “poor”, a joke! personally think that the world’s most good clothes and shoes all in Japan, the Japanese concept of dressing at least several decades ahead of China. In Japan, the most expensive clothes are not new, but the real two hand old clothes, especially the United States decades ago foreign goods. 70 years of the most expensive Nike shoes can be sold in Japan, tens of thousands of $ yuan before 1900, Levi’s jeans can be the most expensive sold for 30 million yuan. It can be said Levi, Nike, Adidas, Puma and other antiques are old casual clothing almost all the Japanese local Amoy from Europe to Japan. Each of these brands are now the new season to be out of hundreds of dazzling. But a few decades ago is not necessarily a one year new, something so very, very old classic, the kind of taste is simply before or since, and I is an extremely personal cult! Japan’s most crowded streets of the most expensive vintage clothing shop common foreign goods, the above are the words “vintage> two words. This thrift shop, from the early 1980s in Japan, there are many, and at that time the Chinese people even casual wear is sawed probably do not know it. Chinese people really began to come into contact with casual wear is probably 1987, 1987, the Singapore TV series “Palettes> hit in the country, watching TV on the star to wear casual clothes casual elegance after we all sit still, filled with find, happened to catch that time FUN, Giordano and other leisure stores have opened it was feast for the eyes. At that time the price of those stores in the country regarded as a high price, and domestic consumers also thought that the big brands do, in fact, look back to know that is a regional brand in Hong Kong only. Japan not only 2 hand clothing stores are a lot of foreign goods, and from the beginning 20 years ago, Levi’s, Nike, NEW BALANCE and other stores began selling retro version of the new clothes and shoes, because there are not many antiques that year began a lot of cash so re-engraved. As the use of modern advanced technology, so the complex carved out of the clothes and shoes to antiques than a few decades ago the texture is more comfortable, more durable, strong sought after by consumers! I think AF is also a keen observation of the year the company to design this new trend and only then after a quick route to the texture of hand-made 2 new clothes! Sure as the AF quickly became popular in the world, this new texture unit 2 hand clothes cyclone again many international brands have rolled in. Domestic friends up wake up it, or makes a joke too! We had the idea to dress behind for many years abroad, some in remote areas or the concept of occlusion, the traditional thinking too far behind even more friends, we put the world’s top good things available to everyone, while most do not want to hear is that some buyers do not understand the old process. And explained it very, very hard, obviously not the same as everyone’s ideas, like two people in the world. This is our most troublesome problems.
So we have specifically to do the old garment washing process described below, for reference by all buyers before you buy: washing is now an international fashion brand of leisure craft in general, most international brands are washing clothes processing, in general, washing off the clothes, more natural, comfortable, more structured, better stability of the fabric, but also some for special design effects, most people can understand the design concept acceptable jeans, but poor understanding of some of the clothes, wash clothes and more with the general method, more than the jeans to be subtle, but it washed off, the fabric feels very different, washing process very technical, but also represents a number of unique brand design and selling points, such as: replay, Abercrombie Fitch, G-STAR, and so on . . . The following excerpt describes some related processes: 1, Pu Pu wash wash wash or ordinary, except that we are familiar with daily washing to mechanization only, the water temperature at 60 ¡ã -90 ¡ã C or so, add some detergent, after about 15 minutes after normal washing, plus over water softener can make the fabric more soft, comfortable, more natural and visually cleaner . Usually based on the length of time washing the amount of chemicals and how much light can be divided into P P washing washing, general cleaning, re-P wash. General wash of light is usually about 5 minutes, washed for 15 minutes or so S P, P re-wash for 30 minutes or so . 2, stone wash/stone wash, stone wash that add a certain size of pumice, pumice and clothes so polished, in before stone wash or rinse can be general, but also in the stone after rinsing. According to different requirements of customers, can be used Yellowstone, Whitehead, AAA stone, artificial stone, plastic ball washing, in order to achieve the effect of different washing, washed cloth showing dark gray, old-fashioned feel, clothing slight to severe damage . 3, the enzyme is a cellulase enzyme washing, which can in certain PH value and temperature of the fiber structure of degradation, the fabric can be more moderate to fade, fade hair (a “peach skin” effect) , and get a lasting soft effect. 4, sand and more sand with some alkaline, oxidizing agent, so that clothing washed and worn a certain sense of fading effects, if accompanied by stone, washed cloth will have a surface layer of soft white hair cream, and then add some softener, make soft washed fabrics, soft, and thus improve the wearing comfort.
5, the main chemical wash chemical cleaning agent through the use of strong base (NaOH, NaSiO3, etc. ) to achieve the purpose of faded, washed old clothes have a more obvious sense, then add softener, clothes will be soft, full effect. If you add a chemical to wash the stone, then known as the fossil wash (CHEMICAL STONE WASH), can enhance the effect of fading and wear, so there is a strong vintage feel clothing, fossils and stone wash wash wash set of chemical effects rolled into one, Distressed and washed to achieve a raising effect. 6, rinsing of the clothes are white or bright appearance and soft feel, the need for rinsing clothes, that is, in general, after washed with water, heated to 60 ¡ã C, according to bleach the color depth, add the right amount of bleach ( bleaching agent) , 7-10 minute period to make the same color on the board. Rinsing can be divided into oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach is the use of hydrogen peroxide in certain PH value and temperature of oxidation to destroy the structure of dyes to achieve the fade, the purpose of whitening, general drift cloth slightly reddish. Chlorine bleach is the use of sodium hypochlorite oxidation to destroy the structure of dyes to achieve the purpose of bleaching. Fading effects of chlorine bleaching of rough, and more for indigo blue denim rinse. 7, the destruction of pumice polish and wash clothing after treatment additives, and in some parts (bone position, lead angle, etc. ) have some degree of damage, washed clothes will be worn more obvious effect. 8, snow wash to dry pumice stone saturated with potassium permanganate solution, and then turn the cylinder directly with a dedicated clothing and polished, polished by pumice on clothing, so that potassium permanganate oxidation of the friction points out, does not appear before the fabric rules fade, the formation of white spots like snowflakes.
9, the Cats need is WHISKER, but WHISKER say professional. Whiskers is hand sand (hand rub, HAND BRUSH) a, it is only to be ground into the shape of a cat only. 10, also known as sandblasting sand play, with special equipment (the image point of speaking is a large electric toothbrush, but the drum type) on the polishing cloth, usually with an inflatable model. 11, sprayed monkeys and sandblasting essential difference is that the former chemical reaction, the latter physical effect. Monkeys is to use spray gun to spray potassium permanganate solution according to design requirements to clothing, a chemical reaction to fabric fading. With potassium permanganate to control the concentration and injection volume degree of fading. From the effect on the points, then sprayed monkeys fade evenly, the surface layer has a fade in, fade and can achieve strong results. And sandblast the surface has only fade, you can see the physical damage fibers. 12, Bi grain wash is also called “single-sided coating/paint stain”, meaning that this method is designed for washing stained garments after coating designed, its role is to consolidate and increase the original bright color touch softness. Why is Abercrombie Fitch so the fire? As the following logo on the official website to write it, is a luxury leisure products. Recently published by the New York Zero – retail industry sales report, bercrombie Fitch Co. Announced in July same-store sales growth of 22% on average . “Abercrombie Fitch” (A F) is the favorite brand of American college students, high quality with very strong “American College of breath”, but also make it a favorite of Hollywood celebrity fashion. Difficult to read the name trick pay attention to see A F’s brand standards, but it was founded in 1892! In fact, A F, formerly known as “Abercrombie”, in New York for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, mainly the production of functional clothing. Ezra Fitch joined in 1900 after Abercrombie’s management team, and after several times of re-positioning and product restructuring, which also includes David Abercrombie during the withdrawal. Later, a marketing genius Mr. Fitch before the brand as Abercrombie Fitch, the name deliberately so lengthy, difficult to read and hard to remember. Secondary texture Mr. Fitch’s trick is not only this. First, it was a used-texture (Vintage) of the Institute of goods re-wind, and the entire series to fit the narrow version of type, in men, but also the crown on the “muscle” of the series, the definition is that you can stretch the muscles out of the clothes. Muscular size A F’s XXL size distribution usually does not do more than boys if more than 38-inch waist, it is difficult to wear into the A F’s commodities. That is, only to standard body who are eligible to wear A F, which is the general American brand with the most different places. Mr. Fitch “pick people to wear” market segment, but also to virtually wear A F’s attractive men and women have become a living advertisement. Fitch’s biggest bet is to catalog, advertising to be perfect, but deliberately does not shop in the store the first main product, or claims to have sold out. “Valuable commodity” to create, so your store and online shopping turnover is considerable. A F Direct high-profile way of planning only access point. The current distribution channels, in addition to 788 stores nationwide this year, the first stores in Canada. Part of Asia, is expected to enter the Japanese market in 2007.
Abercrombie surname from the Netherlands, but this is a U. S. company, located in Ohio, New Albany, in the Mainland is not a common brand, but some of his lines in the Mainland, on the label to see made in China The sign really should not fuss. As Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau and other favorite artists, but shares fad has slowly swept into Taiwan and Hong Kong. Even Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau is a fan of the brand to Taiwan to promote House of Flying Daggers when wearing abercrombie clothes. Abercrombie clothes that his ideas interesting are changing almost on a quarterly basis. A F more and more popular, in fact, price is not cheap, called advanced sportswear in the United States if wearing an Abercrombie, can be regarded as a symbol of nobility. U. S. young fashion brand, A F lead the trend, uninhibited decadence. A F clothes, prominent chest, waist, hip, totally personal, sexy extraordinary. Authentic A F version of the American type, is a popular brand of American young people, chasing, its price is also well known. Official website: http://ww. abercrombie. comwww. abercrombiekids. com and www. hollisterco. com
Style characteristics of A, a simple and neat design, easy to match with any dress, whether T-shirt or a shirt, jacket is a good choice, oh. B, rocking the pants, make up the deficiency curve of your body, just wear one, it will become the brand’s loyal customers. C, with different T-shirt with a different style, light-colored, you sweet, pleasant, dark, cool and very special. D, can be used with different SHOES oh, high-heeled shoes look fine and noble, but also revealing your shoes young and lively side.


¡ï outside the door is dedicated to high-quality, high spending power of high-end customers.
We will build a customer-oriented service standards,
Strive to Taobao’s top full-service attitude,
High-quality genuine goods, discount prices,
Allows you to get outside the door of the shopping maximum satisfaction.
But it also invites all skeptical of restaurant customers bypass.
Outside the door does not force customers to do all over the world, different ways, non-phase plan.
We all goods are authentic
Outside the door are all committed to the shop, sold high-end fabrics, fine workmanship of goods
And you can see in the stores and counters in a level of quality clothes.
Each piece of clothing details are taken in kind, fully reflects the quality.
¡ï no reason to return promise
Based on online shopping can not see the kind, if you are not satisfied with the purchased goods have any:
No reason for any reason, simply bear the return postage, the audience no reason to return.
You can also buy some to go back once more elected, then do not like to return to.
As long as not all back, we sent a postage charge, you can as long as the return postage.
Customers have any: buy back does not like, and substandard own style, the family felt ugly,
And imagination are not the same color and skin color do not match, so in other stores are vexatious’s return requirements,
In the outside door, which is your right.
You do not need any reason, just pay shipping back and forth, returned unconditionally.
No excuses outside the door, not too troublesome, will not be so acrimony.
Because in the outside door, which is your right.

¡ï offers and discounts
Outside the door the audience a clearly declined to bargain in any way.
One-time purchase of 5 or more (cumulative void) is outside the door VIP. Permanent enjoy 88% off!
¡ï Our reject any negative feedback!
Our first service to customer satisfaction, any problems can be resolved through consultation,
Audience no reason returned, can return any unsatisfactory treatment
If it is not malicious evaluation, how can the difference in assessment?
No contact with the owner in question, to communicate directly without the negative feedback, be regarded as malicious evaluation.
Our evaluation determined for malicious complaints in the end, until the complaints to the title.
¡ï point of customer requirements.
We will ship the first time, choose the fastest delivery, so that the goods delivered as quickly as possible.
Removed from your long wait time.
Friends also hope customers timely confirmation of praise.
We removed the long time of payment.
Door to door in your support rapid development and growth.
Customers outside the door to bring more friends discount genuine brand.
This door door to express my sincere thanks to you!
24-hour run line: 13434252170 Ms. Liu
QQ: 1341034275

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"Matilda Watch" CASIO BABY-G fashion colorful cube dual display female form BGA-200PD-1B

CASIO BABY-G fashion colorful cube dual display female form BGA-200PD-1B
CASIO BABY-G geometry box dual display casual table,rolex daytona replica watches the dial is divided into squares of different sizes, with electronic window and color combinations, but also by the dial level! BGA-200PD Digital suspended floating point design on the dial (1, 7, 11), with POP-style moment of brilliant color colorful figures show creativity, color number of seconds a week, so that the whole watch is more lively and brisk The overall theme for the square, brightly colored case and strap becomes more personalized, rectangular pointer and glare chassis, simple and neat blocks of color to show the full character pop style, the fashion watch exudes personal charm!

BGA-200PD-1B Price: $ 1090. 00 ; launch date: 2010. 10
. Case: steel and stainless steel composite metal + enhanced acrylic. Strap: Rubber strap + stainless steel buckle. Impact-resistant structure. LED lighting. World Time 29 time zones (48 cities), city code, daylight saving time (on/off). 1/100 second stopwatch: Measuring limit: 59’59 . 99 “Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time with the first, the second time. Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second Measuring range: 24 hours (increase in unit: with the minutes). Daily alarm. Hourly. Auto Calendar (to 2099). 12/24 hour clock. Operation sound (on/off). Time mode: Pointer: two needles (hours, minutes (every 20 seconds to move it)) Digital: Hour, minutes, seconds, pm, day, week. Accuracy: ¡À 30 seconds per month. Estimated battery life: 2 years (using SR726W x 2). 100M water (ie, 10 atmospheric pressure). Dimensions: 43. 2 X 36. 0 X 12. 8 mm. Weight: 41 g

Product Specifications Description if error, please prevail====================================original data=====
¡ô We guarantee all goods sold 100% genuine original authentic, you can get our goods to the store and then confirm the identification of money
¡ô We all goods sold in support Paypal, goods really cheap, honest transaction!
¡ô strongly recommended that you sign, be sure to face in front of courier company personnel opened the package and acceptance of goods, thank you!
¡ô watch the valuables is a special commodity, according to consumer protection laws and regulations agreement, clocks and watches in the sale of non-quality problems rebate does not change! You should verify the goods as soon as possible after receipt and inspection before you, please do not wear!

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Stylish men's winter jacket collar cardigan thick genuine counter af purchasing men's wool sweater men

Today’s Deal:
Special Winter 2011 fashion cardigan sweater men thick long-sleeved jacket af sweater men and genuine fur coat

£¤ 298.abercrombie and fitch 00

£¤ 418. 00

7. 1 fold

£¤ 120






Happy shopping to provide

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

A, AF clothing to the world’s leading independent design and flair of the old washing process based play style, such as: a hole,
Patch, irregular folds, point paint, anti-edging sewing crooked line, color, feel like the old, long sleeves, etc. ,
Can not accept a similar design of Amoy faithful please buy carefully! Specially washed fabric is very comfortable,
The moment will feel put out.
Two. [Color] As for photography and lighting and the display color and other factors, the physical picture of the color may have a certain gap,
Final results to prevail in kind, these are not a quality problem, we will strive to minimize chromatic aberration.
Did not accept any color of a friend, please carefully shot!

[Quality] we have specially pre-delivery inspection, quality problems will not be made defective. Buyers receive the goods must immediately view,
If the product quality issues need to inform us that day, detailing the quality of the details, and provide a valid picture,
(Only broken. Rotten. Stain) verified by the seller really a quality problem, no vandalism, tag removal,
Washing may be given a replacement, we assume the freight back and forth, (sent to our shipping date) within 2 days after the consultation will be returned unopened goods,
(Date not given treatment) does not accept the flat delivery, do not receive payment in the return package, please write the membership in the package name,
Reason, consignee name, address, phone, you want the product name, color, size, so that we as soon as possible. [Shop] ¡ô accept refunds or exchanges caused by the seller the following questions, we are responsible for replacement free of charge transfer process (buyers return postage please email advance,
After we receive the parcel will arrive via Alipay immediate compensation, Note: send parcels to pay for items without permission, and we will be accepted) 1, there are obvious holes 2, there are obvious stains (except for brand style features) 3, the wrong color, size [restaurant does not accept refunds or exchanges] ¡ô quality problems caused by the buyer and other reasons, we do not and will not accept returns processing
[Sign] of the dispute in order to reduce online shopping, buyers friends Note: Your sign is that you receive qualified goods.
Whether I sign or commissioned collection, please be sure when the courier receipt opened the package on the spot inspection surface,
If goods are found damaged, leaking, missing, please sign courier testimony, and with our customer service.
After we verify if this is a problem we will be responsible for the free exchange and other services to enable you to buy the rest assured, consumer happy. [Evaluation] evaluation on very important to us, very much like to get everyone’s approval and support, if you are satisfied with our products and services,
Please give us praise, if you have any objections, or where not satisfied, I hope you can give tips and suggestions,
Let us be more perfect together, do not communicate with us without prior consultation, easily the difference in assessment,
Restaurant does not accept refunds or exchanges in the grounds for granting the seller the difference in assessment and did not communicate directly by negative evaluation, we will evaluate malicious complaints in the end! [Delivery time] the spot next day delivery, no spot 3-7 days to be purchasing U. S. goods shipped within 3 days of non-payment photographed, as buyers opt not to buy this product if the buyer does not have special circumstances to pay the stipulated time section, please contact us

1: Alipay transaction (recommended) 2: bank transfer, first we ask for bank account,
Please contact us after the payment time of payment, amount, and the want to buy
3: Parents can choose cash in the shop before the shoot to keep us/explain
Contact; Want or add 2450785563

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